Cattle Drives

Cattle driveImagine yourself heading back in time and moving cattle over the picturesque rolling landscape of Alberta. Home On The Range Adventure Tours can arrange for you to be surrounded by this vast open country that comprises the wonder that is the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Join one of the experienced outfitters that partners with us to provide this unique western experience. You will view wildlife that may include elk and deer as they mingle with the wide variety of cattle found in Alberta, and enjoy becoming familiar with horses that range in breed from Appaloosa, to Percheron, to Quarter horses.

If you have always wanted to be part of a cattle drive, give some thought to spending time exploring one of the world's most unique and fulfilling experiences. Join one of our highly qualified outfitters and make your western experience dream a reality. You will be given the opportunity to ride and drive cattle with experienced ranch hands whose life's occupation has been as a cowboy; from catching wild horses to riding broncs and working with cattle.

And remember, it's not all hard work. After a day in the saddle, you can spend the evening savouring a delicious home cooked meal and gazing peacefully into the glow of the crackling campfire.

Come experience a cattle drive as only a cowboy can.

To really get to know the country and your horse we recommend the following working ranch and cattle drive packages:*

*Each trip includes all equipment & supplies, accommodation, guide, meals and horse.

Riding Experience

In order for guests to enjoy one of our Cattle Drive experiences, they should have at least intermediate riding experience and be able to ride for long periods of time. The terrain is varied as is the pace, but most of the riding is done at a walk or trot. Cantering or galloping is only done when necessary to bring the cattle back into line or keep them going in the right direction.

Sierra West Cattle Drives

2 days - $ 700 per person plus tax & 10% gratuity (A variety of accommodation is available)

Frontier Cattle Drive

July 14 & 15, 2018 and August 11 & 12, 2087

Saddle up and ride with the Sierra West gang on their 2018 Cattle Drives. These trips will take you through some of the most scenic mountain countryside nestled close to the base of the majestic Livingstone Mountain range in south western Alberta. Step back into the pages of time and experience a taste of the “Old West” as you ride the open ranges, drive cattle, indulge in down home country cooking and tell yarns & sing songs around the campfire. You will marvel at the breath-taking scenery, serenity of nature and the comradeship of fellow horsemen. You’ll experience an adventure you’ll remember forever – Reserve Your Saddle Today!

Contact our knowledgeable staff today to discuss making your western experience holiday a reality.

REMINDER: For cattle drives, guests have to be experienced riders who can handle 6-8 hours in the saddle, riding up and down steep hills on narrow paths. This will guarantee that all our guests will have a safe and enjoyable cattle drive. Thank you for your help to make these weeks so special for all participants.

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