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The over-riding objective of Home On The Range Adventure Tours corporate retreat and facilitation team is to provide your enterprise and its employees with a customized and exclusive experience that is designed to meet your specific requirements.

By definition, generic, off-the-shelf employee development programs cannot achieve a truly differentiated positive impact on performance. For this reason we work closely with each client to provide customized and relevant solutions. We believe that although there will always be common elements within industries and business, your firm’s immediate needs are unique to you.

What Do We Offer?

Experienced Facilitators

Our competent, knowledgeable, and experienced facilitators, working together with our internationally experienced program originators, designers and deliverers will ensure that your company receives a uniquely designed corporate retreat. We are committed to leveraging the knowledge, experience and skills of each participant for the benefit of the entire group. A sampling of the areas in which we have assisted clients with achieving dynamically innovative solutions includes Corporate Strategy Development, Change Management Initiatives, Multi-Cultural Effectiveness, Leadership Enhancement, Turn-Around Strategy, Team Building, and Motivation.

How Do We Accomplish This?

We have the network and personnel in place to identify a broad range of retreat locations and to design a program that combines the best of people, place and product. Working with our team of highly skilled academics and facilitators can not only provide you with the tools and skills to meet your immediate demand, but can also dramatically increase your opportunities to expand your range of clients and scope of products, as well as increase your productivity in delivering existing products and services.


What Is Our Proven Success Formula?

Joseph A. Macdonald

Program Planning

We begin our process with detailed planning for the upcoming session. This first step involves client meetings where the issues to be addressed and the desired outcomes of the session are clearly defined. In addition, this is an opportunity for the client to identify who the primary session participants will be, and the specific level of senior corporate involvement. The second step in the planning stage is to draft a session itinerary for the client. This provides a double check of the clarity of understanding and interpretation of the process and objectives.

Program Design

The Developer(s)/Facilitator(s) set to work on designing detailed session materials and activities. At the same time potential locations are identified. It is imperative that both the facilitator(s) and the surroundings make the participants feel at ease and at home in their environment so that we achieve the highest possible degree of input and participation.

Program Delivery

The necessary support materials and the related activities are designed so that they provide a seamless and integrated flow. Each element of the agenda supports and nurtures the participants and their achieving the desired outcomes. In a final wrap-up discussion participants highlight and review their learnings and the session’s outcomes. Should the client desire, with their cooperation, we can also design and deliver a session evaluation.

General Information


Our competent, knowledgeable, and experienced facilitators, working together with our internationally experienced program originators, designers and deliverers will ensure that your company receives a uniquely designed corporate retreat.

Detailed resumes and CVs are available on request, as are a complete list of clients and references.

Timing & Location

Your custom designed program can be delivered at any time of the year. Our network of Developer/Facilitators is available to offer programs in a broad range of retreat locations Nationally and Internationally. No matter the location, we are committed to designing and delivering a program that combines the best of people, place and product.

Price & Duration

As all packages are customized to meet the specific request and needs of the client, the price and duration will vary. Quotations will be provided on request.


Can be arranged to all National and International locations.


Can be arranged at local hotels, lodges and resorts worldwide.

Meal Information

Meals can be incorporated into the packages, if requested.

Client Sample

Past clients include:

  • Financial institutions such as the Royal Bank Financial Group and Bank of Montreal;
  • Telecommunication companies such as Telus and Bell Northern Research;
  • Public service institutions such as the RCMP and Government of Canada;
  • International institutions such as the United States Embassy, United Nations Centre for Human Settlements, and Government of Indian - Department of Finance (National Housing Bank);
  • National & International universities such as University of Toronto, Canadian Centre for Management Development, University of Alaska, and Xiamen University, China;
  • Transportation companies such as Canadian National Rail and the Halifax Port Corporation;
  • Airlines such as Cathay Pacific;
  • Technology companies such as Hewlett Packard and Nortel;
  • Petroleum corporations such as Nova Corporation, and Sherritt Gordon;
  • Utility companies such as ICG Utilities;
  • Manufacturing companies such as Iron Ore Company of Canada.

A complete list of clients and references is available upon request.

Facilitator/Designer Bios

Robert Ironside, ABD Ph.D. (Finance), F.I.C.B.

President & CEO

Robert's vision and enthusiasm for using knowledge as a critical success factor has been the catalyst and model for structuring and developing Learning Dividends into an industry respected e-Learning company.

Prior to co-founding Learning Dividends, Robert Ironside spent many years in both academic and managerial positions. He was a corporate account manager for two of Canada's largest banks, a contract administrator for an international manufacturing company, a VP Corporate Development for a TSE listed public oil company, a finance professor and an entrepreneur. Robert was the primary force behind developing the concept that went public on the TSE as Trilogy Resource Corporation. He was a co-founder and Director of Primeline Capital Corp.; an ASE listed Junior Capital Pool Corporation.

Robert has taught and consulted in over twenty countries, including Barbados, China, India, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania and South Africa. His extensive academic training includes doctoral studies in finance at the University of Toronto, an MBA in Finance, a BA in Economics, and a Professional Diploma in Secondary Education. Robert is widely recognized for his exceptional teaching abilities: in three years at the University of Calgary, he was twice chosen for the Superior Teacher Award by the students of the Faculty of Management and once chosen for the Master Teacher Award by the Students Union, University of Calgary.

Joseph Macdonald, B.Comm, MBA

Joseph A. Macdonald

Originally from Cape Breton Island, on Canada’s east coast, Joseph Macdonald currently operates an independent tourism consulting company specializing in Business Development and Marketing. Joseph was the co-founder and is the current owner/operator of Home On The Range Adventure Tours (incorporated December, 2001).

Prior to assuming his role with Home On The Range, Joseph served as President of Angus Associates, change management and training consultants to the financial services industry, and Director of the MBA (Financial Services) Distance Education Program at Dalhousie University. Joseph has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Leadership, International Business, Multicultural Management, Tourism, Finance, Accounting and Strategic Management for universities in Canada, China and southern Africa. He received his B.Comm. degree (Finance & Marketing majors, Sociology minor) from the University of Alberta and his MBA (International Finance & Multi-cultural Management majors) from Dalhousie University in Halifax.

Joseph is currently Vice President of The Cowboy Trail Tourism Association and serves on the Advisory Committee for SAIT’s Tourism Program. He teaches a 4th year Leadership Course and a 4th Year Hospitality Management Finance course at the University of Calgary, as well as teaching a 2nd Year Recreation & Sport Tourism Marketing course at Mount Royal University.

He has held management, training and consulting positions in businesses across North America, Asia and Africa.  In addition to these roles, he has previously served on the Board of Directors of Tourism Calgary; as an Advisory Board member for the Cowboy Heritage Tourism Innovation Project; and has designed and delivered Tourism Industry Workshops for small businesses in Alberta. Joseph was the founding Chair for the Inter-cultural Connections Association of Nova Scotia, was a Director for Big Brothers in both Halifax and Medicine Hat and is a 30+ year Foster Parent through Foster Parents Plan of Canada.

Joseph brings new approaches and concepts to bear on old problems and processes. He is an entrepreneur and leader by design and in spirit. He understands the emotional competencies and adaptability that individuals and organizations require in their environment, and within themselves, to thrive and to nurture success.

Andy Tamas, BIS, BSW, MCEd.

Andy Tamas is the founder and Director of Tamas Consultants Inc., a family-based firm in Almonte, Ontario that focuses on leadership, human relations, team building, evaluation, training, institution building and organization development in a diverse and changing society. Clients include the House of Commons, the Canadian military, United Nations operations in Afghanistan, NORTEL, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Habitat for Humanity International, Citizenship & Immigration Canada, and several Aboriginal organizations.

Andy evaluated the development of a national network of mental health consumers/survivors, helped prepare an Employment Equity Policy for the House of Commons, and addressed allegations of racism and unequal treatment among the security staff of a large public housing agency in Toronto.

Andy's international development activities include providing strategic planning services for a rapidly growing NGO, helping CIDA define a framework for belief and culture in development, and support for a tutor-assisted secondary school program with over 60,000 students in Colombia. His formal training is in community development, social work and adult education in an intercultural context.

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