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Home On The Range Adventure Tours’ team building programs are unique, challenging, fun and keep everyone involved. We can combine a selection of activities to create one-half day or whole day event. These activities can of course be extended to incorporate as many one-half or whole days as desired. And, we can divide your group into any number of teams that will spend the day competing in, enjoying, and learning from an assortment of events and challenges.

Many of our activities can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, making them perfect for breakout sessions, though most of our exercises are somewhat longer. Groups can often complete 3 - 4 of our individual events within an hour to an hour and a half, and can comfortably complete 5 of our events within a three hour time frame. All of our activities are easily adaptable to group size and many can be conducted either indoors or outdoors.

Pricing will vary depending on the number of individuals participating in an event, on the length of the event, and on the particular team building event selected. Ask our expert event planners for an exact price based on your group and your specific choice of programs.

Here is another exciting idea as to how to spend one-half day with your team. 

CSI - Nature Murder Mystery

CSI nature

A hiker has found the remains of an animal and it is up to you and your team to identify who the victim is and who did it. Full of ambiguities from the “witnesses” to the clues, your team must unravel the mystery before the other teams do. This is a fast paced, fun filled logistical challenge where your team must use their best communication skills, resources and common sense to gather the clues, question the witnesses and piece it all together. And, along the way, you just might learn something about nature.

All teams begin at the “Crime Scene” where the first task is to identify the victim. From there they head out to one of six stations to begin collecting evidence in order to identify the killer. Since there may be several “suspects” the teams must not miss any evidence. Therefore the teams are required to collect evidence from each of the six stations, as any missed evidence could result in a “miss-trial” in the court room.

Station 1 - Gives some evidence about one of the weapons used on the victim. Unique tools will assist in your investigation.

Station 2 - You will be given some information on an area where a clue lies buried in the forest.

Station 3 - It seems the perpetrator has left behind some physical evidence; problem is, so have other “suspects” and some innocent by-standers. Can you sort out who should be a suspect and who should not?

Station 4 - The perpetrator has also left behind evidence of a motive for killing our victim. A series of logistics is called for as well as patience as you trace the killer’s movements over the last 12 hours!

Station 5 - You will find some evidence about our victim, his habits and where he lives. From this, you must deduce information about the victim to get more information about the killer.

Station 6 - You will meet with a forensics and ballistics expert to learn about the victim’s injuries and wounds. You will have a variety of weapons found at the crime scene to test, including firing a gun into ballistics gel (please note all weapons are rendered harmless, and the gun is not a real one).

At each Station there are opportunities to win bonus points that the teams can use at the end of the day. But at most stations, they will not know until later whether they have earned the bonus points.

At the end of the day, all teams will have a chance to present their evidence of who the killer is to the “District Attorney” to determine if their case will stand up in court. Of course, the first team done will be given the first opportunity to present their case and possibly be the overall winners.

Potential Program Locations: Kananaskis or Bow Valley, Canmore/Banff, other locations.

Time Period: One-Half Day - 3 to 4 hours (can be extended to full-day).

Inclusions: All equipment, staff and “CSI – Nature Murder Mystery” themed layout.

Group Size: Variable.

Season: Year round.

CSI - Rockies

CSI nature

Be a part of your own CSI team and investigate a mysterious Rocky Mountain murder! Your team will compete against other teams to be the best and most accurate at determining the killer, the location, and the time the murder took place. After a quick inspection of the crime scene, where you’ll gather as many clues as possible, your team will head out to various locations in Banff, where you’ll find important evidence. Remember, everyone you meet is a potential suspect! Use your brains and your portable “CSI Lab” kit to interpret the evidence! Your team will need problem solving skills, some map reading skills, and an ability to conduct some interesting experiments in order to be the best team, and solve all the mysteries in this fun and challenging event.

Sample Challenges

  • Uncover hidden messages
  • Use “luminal” to find traces of blood
  • Decipher recorded messages
  • “Analyze” ink samples

Program Location: Kananaskis or Bow Valley, Canmore/Banff (may also be held in other locations)

Group Size: Variable

Inclusions: All equipment, staff and “CSI - Rockies” themed layout.

Time Period: 3.0 to 4 hours

Season: Year round.

Contact our knowledgeable staff today to discuss designing your group’s unique Team Building Program.


Some very shady characters are lurking about  in dark suits and sunglasses. A briefcase is brought forward to one of these characters, who opens it and displays the following message: “Your BOSS has been kidnapped and is in grave danger.”

It is now the task of each team to overcome obstacles, find clues, solve codes and Rescue the Boss.

The following are samples of the types of challenges that may face each team:

The Great Egg Drop:

Each team must design, build and test a structure that will successfully support a raw egg dropped from a height of 2 metres. The resources provided are 24 drinking straws, 1 roll of masking tape, a 6 foot ladder and a plastic drop sheet. The teams will have 4 minutes to design, build and test their prototype.


The teams have arrived at the edge of drop-off and must lower one of their team members down the cliff in order to retrieve the next clue, which lies in a box hanging halfway down the cliff face. The ascending team member will then have the choice to rappel the rest of the way down the cliff or have his/her team mates haul them back to the top.

Bomb Squad:

Teams must maneuver a small remote controlled vehicle, fitted with a mirror, underneath a minivan in search of the next clue. Only by finding and copying the correct information, as reflected in the mirror, can the teams successfully solve the puzzle and move on.

Nuclear Deterrent:

Team building Activity

Each team is faced with the problem of moving a small orb, suspended on a ring, and held by many lines that point out from the ring. The orb must be moved from its resting place to another location in order to stop the nuclear countdown and the potential explosion. If, during the transfer, the orb falls from its resting place, the team must start over with the clock still ticking.

The Meuze:

Within a specified time limit, each team must build a series of connections between a start and end platform with 8 foot 2 x 4’s. Unless each board is carefully and accurately placed, the boards may fall in the spaces between the platforms. And having a board touch the ground means starting over.

Team Building Activity

As each team completes their challenges, they must turn in their codebook, including the identified “success phrase”.   Once the accuracy of their “success phrase” has been verified, each team is provided with half of the numerical combination for the lock on the radio box. The balance of the information compiled in each team’s code book will provide the correct radio frequency and password for the radio so that they can call and have the kidnapping victim released.

Potential Program Locations: Anywhere with room to investigate the kidnapping and solve the crime!

Time Period: 3 to 4 hours

Inclusions: All equipment, staff and a “CSI” themed layout.

Group Size: Variable

Season: Year round.

Contact our knowledgeable staff today to discuss designing your group’s unique Team Building Program.

Design Your Own Unique Event

Remember to ask the Home On The Range Adventure Tours’ staff to help you design and build the perfect program for you. In the past we've developed programs as varied as overnight road rally events, western themed and sports themed game events, orienteering courses, in fact, all of the programs listed above were at one time unique events in their own right.

You can also combine a team building event with a keynote presentation to build additional employee value into your event. Or you can include guided hikes, walks, snowshoe trips, slide presentations, and sightseeing tours to create a complete Rocky Mountain package.

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Our competent, knowledgeable, and experienced guides and facilitators are the foundation of our programs. They come from many different backgrounds, but choose to make the mountains their home because of their love of nature and the outdoors. They share a passion for the wilderness, wildlife and history of the region and they are eager to share that experience and knowledge with you!

Timing & Location

Your custom designed program can be delivered at any time of the year. Our network of Guides/Facilitators is available to offer programs in a broad range of locations. No matter the location, we are committed to designing and delivering a program that combines the best of people, place and product.

Price & Duration

As all packages are customized to meet the specific request and needs of the client. Prices will vary depending on the number of individuals participating in an event, on the length of the event, and on the particular team building event selected. Ask us for an exact price based on your group and your specific choice of activities.


Can be arranged to all locations.


Can be arranged at local hotels, lodges and resorts.

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Meals can be incorporated into the packages, if requested.

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