Trail of the Métis Trapper


Home On The Range Adventure Tours’ team building programs are unique, challenging, fun and keep everyone involved. We can combine a selection of activities to create one-half day or whole day event. These activities can of course be extended to incorporate as many one-half or whole days as desired. And, we can divide your group into any number of teams that will spend the day competing in, enjoying, and learning from an assortment of events and challenges.

Many of our activities can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, making them perfect for breakout sessions, though most of our exercises are somewhat longer. Groups can often complete 3 - 4 of our individual events within an hour to an hour and a half, and can comfortably complete 5 of our events within a three hour time frame. All of our activities are easily adaptable to group size and many can be conducted either indoors or outdoors.

Pricing will vary depending on the number of individuals participating in an event, on the length of the event, and on the particular team building event selected. Ask our expert event planners for an exact price based on your group and your specific choice of programs.

Here is another exciting idea as to how to spend one-half day with your team. 

Trail of the Metis Trapper Program

This program has been fashioned for groups who desire a teambuilding activity lasting one-half day in length. The degree of physical fitness required can be varied to suit the comfort level of the participants. It is also important to note that the activity locations are ‘notional’ or ‘virtual’ thereby offering no risk of injury.


The group will be shown a series of Bushcraft lessons that will enable them to complete certain elements of the following tasks. These lessons are based on traditional survival/primitive skills practiced by Métis trappers in the 1800’s.

  • Primitive fire lighting techniques.
  • Making an improvised backpack.
  • Constructing a tripod and primitive winches.
  • Primitive weapons e.g. Atlatl, Sling Shot, Bow and Arrow, plus Rabbit Sticks.
  • Making Bannock (unleavened bread).


This will be a competition between teams where they will complete six tasks. Each of the tasks, if performed successfully, will earn the team a reward that will contribute toward their becoming the winning team. Teams must be vigilant once they receive a reward, as they could potentially lose it at the next task!

Various challenges will be thrown at each team to test their ability to work together as a cohesive unit. Sample tasks are outlined below.

Task 1: Canoe Rescue

First you need to rescue your canoe, equipment & supplies, on the other side of a notional river, by building an improvised bridge. Once across the river the team must build an improvised winch system (learned on arrival). The challenge is not easy since the equipment and supplies used must be put together in a specific way in order to fit across the gap; so logic and team work are imperative.

Task 2: Pemmican and Fur Carry!

Get your pemmican and furs through the forest. To make things complicated, your rival Company has set up booby traps. Trying to carry some heavy sacks of pemmican and furs makes this a challenge! Booby traps here, for your information, are exploding balloons filled with flour! To transport the sacks you will have to build an improvised backpack that you will carry for the rest of the day.

Coffee Break

Task 3: Set Up Camp

Each team sets up a camp according to a drawing given out by the guides. Overhead roofing, logs and various other equipment - such as a tripod to hang a cooking pot - will need to be put together in a timely fashion. At the same time you will be expected to prepare coffee and make Bannock!

Task 4: Rescue the Trapper!

Rescue an injured trapper from the mineshaft and get back safely! This requires some ingenious thinking; the teams must work out how to get across a series of fences that are rather high – no going under or around, and no touching them (mock electric fence), this is done to retrieve the injured trapper whom you need for his bush skills. Once rescued, you will need to transport the casualty to a specified location given to you by the guide. This is a logic problem that requires some physical effort. Teams will be required to build a travois to transport the injured Trapper.

Task 5: Killer Bear Hunt!

You’ve worked very hard to earn your furs, and you are on your way to the trading post to trade your ware; but half of your group becomes stranded on a small river island. They are faced with killer bears.

This is a task that requires observation skills and physical dexterity. The teams must use primitive weapons to fight the killer bears; but first the team members on the river bank must find hidden weapons (not so easy) using observation techniques. Then they build a tripod to transport the weapons to their team members who are stranded on the island.

Task 6: Mountain man relay

This is a relay race where the teams, while transporting and carrying any equipment they have gained on route, have to complete the following activities:

  • A bow shoot.
  • Atlatl dart shoot.
  • Axe throw.
  • Light a fire.
  • Sling shot throw.

This portion of the competition is conducted on a timed course, with one team competing at a time. Points will be given for weapons accuracy and fastest time around the course.

Potential Program Locations: Kananaskis or Bow Valley, Canmore/Banff, other locations.

Time Period: One-Half Day - 3 to 4 hours (can be extended to full-day)

Inclusions: All equipment, staff and “CSI – Nature Murder Mystery” themed layout.

Group Size: Variable

Season: Year round.

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Design Your Own Unique Event

Remember to ask the Home On The Range Adventure Tours’ staff to help you design and build the perfect program for you. In the past we've developed programs as varied as overnight road rally events, western themed and sports themed game events, orienteering courses, in fact, all of the programs listed above were at one time unique events in their own right.

You can also combine a team building event with a keynote presentation to build additional employee value into your event. Or you can include guided hikes, walks, snowshoe trips, slide presentations, and sightseeing tours to create a complete Rocky Mountain package.

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Our competent, knowledgeable, and experienced guides and facilitators are the foundation of our programs. They come from many different backgrounds, but choose to make the mountains their home because of their love of nature and the outdoors. They share a passion for the wilderness, wildlife and history of the region and they are eager to share that experience and knowledge with you!

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As all packages are customized to meet the specific request and needs of the client. Prices will vary depending on the number of individuals participating in an event, on the length of the event, and on the particular team building event selected. Ask us for an exact price based on your group and your specific choice of activities.


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