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Home On The Range Adventure Tours’ team building programs are unique, challenging, fun and keep everyone involved. We can combine a selection of activities to create one-half day or whole day event. These activities can of course be extended to incorporate as many one-half or whole days as desired. And, we can divide your group into any number of teams that will spend the day competing in, enjoying, and learning from an assortment of events and challenges.

Many of our activities can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, making them perfect for breakout sessions, though most of our exercises are somewhat longer. Groups can often complete 3 - 4 of our individual events within an hour to an hour and a half, and can comfortably complete 5 of our events within a three hour time frame. All of our activities are easily adaptable to group size and many can be conducted either indoors or outdoors.

Pricing will vary depending on the number of individuals participating in an event, on the length of the event, and on the particular team building event selected. Ask our expert event planners for an exact price based on your group and your specific choice of programs.

Here is another exciting idea as to how to spend one-half day with your team. 


mission impossible bike

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to pit your team of four or five against other teams in a race to be the first to find the international espionage ring based in Banff.  Surprisingly, Banff is full of shady characters wearing trench coats, dark glasses, and carrying briefcases!  Put your “secret agent” skills to work to find these mysterious characters.  Swap information, remain undercover, and use your wits to overcome challenges, and your team may just be the one to solve this mystery.

This event is a unique way to see and explore the town of Banff and is a great way to see how well your group works together as a team!

Mission Challenges

• Find hidden directions in a series of seemingly unrelated objects
• Write messages in invisible ink
• Locate “secret agents” and swap information and briefcases
• Find back alleys and collect information from hidden “drop zones”
• Decipher recorded messages

This message will self-destruct!  (some day)

Program Location:  Banff – or call us to discuss alternate locations.

Time Period:  3 to 4 hours.

Inclusions:  All equipment, staff and “Mission Impossible” themed layout.

Group Size:  Variable 

Season:  Year round.

Contact our knowledgeable staff today to discuss designing your group’s unique Team Building Program.

Design your own Unique Event

Remember to ask the Home On The Range Adventure Tours’ staff to help you design and build the perfect program for you. In the past we've developed programs as varied as overnight road rally events, western themed and sports themed game events, orienteering courses, in fact, all of the programs listed above were at one time unique events in their own right.

You can also combine a team building event with a keynote presentation to build additional employee value into your event. Or you can include guided hikes, walks, snowshoe trips, slide presentations, and sightseeing tours to create a complete Rocky Mountain package.

General Information


Our competent, knowledgeable, and experienced guides and facilitators are the foundation of our programs. They come from many different backgrounds, but choose to make the mountains their home because of their love of nature and the outdoors. They share a passion for the wilderness, wildlife and history of the region and they are eager to share that experience and knowledge with you!

Timing & Location

Your custom designed program can be delivered at any time of the year. Our network of Guides/Facilitators is available to offer programs in a broad range of locations. No matter the location, we are committed to designing and delivering a program that combines the best of people, place and product.

Price & Duration

As all packages are customized to meet the specific request and needs of the client. Prices will vary depending on the number of individuals participating in an event, on the length of the event, and on the particular team building event selected. Ask us for an exact price based on your group and your specific choice of activities.


Can be arranged to all locations.


Can be arranged at local hotels, lodges and resorts.

Meal Information

Meals can be incorporated into the packages, if requested

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