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IMAGINE ……… What would life be like as a real cowboy? Come join us in the foothills of Alberta and the Rocky Mountains for a cowboy vacation with one of the many ranchers and outfitters who live and work in this majestic landscape. They provide genuine western hospitality and Ranch Vacation Experiences that take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and offer a fun and relaxing vacation for everyone in the family.

The ranchers and outfitters who share their world with you ensure that you have an experience that will leave an impression that lasts a lifetime. After spending a few days at a Working Ranch or on a Pack Trip or a Cattle/Drive, riding your horse in the bright sunshine under blue skies, you will come away with a different view of life ... a peacefulness that you can retreat to even when confined within far away urban boundaries.

The remote foothills and Rocky Mountain backcountry offer endless trails through secluded areas, many of which can only be accessed on horseback. Your outfitters will lead you along glacial streams, past mountain lakes and onto majestic mountain vistas. The experienced wranglers on our fully outfitted pack trips take care of the horses, tents and gear, and serve up a tasty western meal around the campfire.

Home On The Range Adventure Tours’ horse pack trips offer you the option of holidays that range in length from overnight to two weeks. On our Working Ranch Vacations guests take part in daily ranch activities, which may include riding with your hosts to check cattle, rounding up cattle, fence mending and general ranch activities. There are also a variety of cattle drives and combination pack trip/cattle drives to choose from.

We have made it our business to specialize in western experience holidays. There is a western adventure available to suit everyone from the complete novice to the most seasoned veteran. Contact our helpful and informative staff and ask them to assist you with arranging the cowboy holiday that you have always imagined.

Join us for an inside look at cowboy culture.

And let’s not overlook our Caving adventures.

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