Rocky Mountain Rail Tours

Rocky Mountaineer® offers a wide variety of spectacular vacation packages to choose from, all designed to create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you wish to book "The Most Spectacular Train Trip in the World."® we invite you to explore this page further, and then contact us for specific details on departure dates and prices.

2 – 4 day Rail Vacations

These Classic Rail Adventures will allow you to experience the adventure and scenic wonders of the Canadian Rockies while onboard "The Most Spectacular Train Trip in the World"®. These are the tours that made the Rocky Mountaineer famous the world over! The two-day Rail Journey travels between Vancouver and Calgary, Banff or Jasper, while the four-day Classic Rail Tour includes hotel accommodation and station transfers in your departure and arrival cities.

Rail Vacation Options

  • 2 Day GoldLeaf Service
  • 2 Day RedLeaf Service
  • 4 Day Classic Rail Tour (Banff)
  • 4 Day Classic Rail Tour (Jasper)
  • 4 Day Classic Rail Tour (Calgary)

5 – 9 Day Rail Vacations

These tours offer you the choice of traveling between Vancouver, nestled between the ocean and the Coast Mountains and Calgary, the "Stampede City" on the edge of the Prairies. Alternatively the Circle Tours offer the advantage of ending your vacation where you began and include more time on the rail routes of Canada's West.

Rail Vacation Options

  • 5 Day Canadian Rockies Excursion
  • 6 Day Canadian Rockies Highlights
  • 7 Day Canadian Rockies & Vancouver
  • 7 Day Canadian Rockies Escape
  • 8 Day Golden Circle
  • 8 Day Canadian Rockies Holiday
  • 8 Day Western Explorer
  • 8 Day Best of the West
  • 9 Day Canadian Rockies Gold
  • 9 Day Canadian Rockies Getaway

10 – 17 day Rail Vacations

Enjoy the scenic wonders of Canada, from the West Coast through the Canadian Rockies and beyond. These tours offer an itinerary with more time in the Canadian Rockies, and depending on your choice of tour you will view many of the attractions in this spectacular area of the world, including either two or four days on the Rocky Mountaineer®.
Looking for variety in your vacation? From the spectacular Inside Passage with BC Ferries on Canada's West Coast, through the magnificent peaks of the Canadian Rockies with the Rocky Mountaineer, across the vast farmlands of the Prairies, and along the lakes and forests of eastern Canada with VIA Rail, these tours offer something of everything.

Rail Vacation Options

  • 10 Day Canadian Rockies at Leisure
  • 11 Day Canadian Rockies Circle
  • 12 Day Grizzly Bears of Knight Inlet
  • 12 Day Totem Rail Explorer
  • 12 Day Trans-Canada Rail Adventure
  • 17 Day Trans-Canada Rail Adventure

Red Leaf Service

Settle back in your roomy reclining seat in air-conditioned comfort. Enjoy the service excellence provided by your Onboard Attendant. Welcome aboard Rocky Mountaineer RedLeaf Service® - a truly civilized way to experience this great daylight adventure. With RedLeaf Service, you will enjoy the thoughtful details that add so much to your vacation.

Delicious chilled breakfast and luncheon selections like British Columbia salmon and Alberta beef are served at your seat so you will not miss a moment of the scenery. Complimentary snacks, tea, coffee and soft drinks are made available throughout the journey.


Rocky Mountaineer, spectacular scenery

While relaxing in your spacious RedLeaf coach, you will witness some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, highlighted by fascinating interpretative commentary. Wherever you come from, you will feel at home. We have Onboard Attendants that speak Japanese, English, French, German and Mandarin. The warmth of our Canadian hospitality needs no translation.

Enjoy the thrill of the Canadian Rockies in classic style -Rocky Mountaineer RedLeaf Service®.

RedLeaf coach features:

  • Assigned seating in fully reclining day-nighter seats
  • Extended legroom
  • Picture windows
  • Meal service at your seat
  • Temperature controlled comfort
  • Forward facing seats able to rotate to accommodate groups of four
  • Restroom facilities in each coach
  • Rocky Mountaineer RedLeaf Service® and amenities

Gold Leaf Service

When you board the Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf dome coach, you will understand why guests rave about GoldLeaf Service. As you relax in your assigned seat, coffee or chilled orange juice is served. The pampering does not stop.

Comfort and luxury are found in the GoldLeaf dining room on the lower level where white linen, gleaming tableware and fresh flower bouquets await you. Your menu choices will include regional cuisine created by talented GoldLeaf chefs. It is the ultimate dining experience, with stunning and constantly changing vistas outside your window.


Upon arrival for your overnight stay in Kamloops, you will discover that check-in to your accommodation has been arranged. Your room awaits and so does your luggage. The GoldLeaf dome coach puts you in the middle of the awe-inspiring scenery of the Canadian Rockies.

Combined with the service and interpretative commentary provided by your Onboard Attendants, you will realize that with Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service, you are experiencing one of the world's most unforgettable rail adventures.

GoldLeaf dome coach features:

  • Temperature controlled comfort
  • 70 reclining dome level seats with extended leg room
  • 36 dining room seats (4 sharing) with picture windows
  • Full galley with gourmet menu selections
  • Ultra smooth ride
  • Assigned seating in full-length dome coach
  • Dome level seats that rotate to accommodate groups of four
  • Spiral staircase to dome level
  • Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service® and amenities

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